Thomas Ferney & Co. is a leading American sporting brand most noted for the design and manufacture of luxury, and semi-custom over under shotguns, side by side shotguns, accessories, leather goods and apparel. Our product lines suit the needs of the consumer who is an enthusiast of traditional country sport. 

Our products reflect the 19th century outfitting heritage and distinguished legacy of the brand’s namesake, ( Capt. Thomas H. Ferney 1821 – 1886) with signature products that are inspired by the rich history and traditions of country sport in North America and Western Europe.

We strive to deliver designs that are technically relevant and fashionable, yet respectful of the finest traditions of days gone by.

Our products offer unsurpassed quality both in their design and their construction. This commitment to quality is reinforced by our pledge to providing an outstanding level of personal service and attention to the needs of our customers.

We are committed to maintaining our tradition of open and accessible communications with customers. Responsive, "real time" communication with clients and our ability to nimbly react to their needs is of the highest importance in the Thomas Ferney & Co. business philosophy. 

Our trademark logo is recognized and respected as a symbol of luxury, quality, and service.

Responsibility and good stewardship of the environment is critical to maintaining the fine traditions of outdoor sport to which Thomas Ferney & Co. is indebted for our success. It is the God given right of man to explore, to play, to challenge and to be challenged by the gifts of the natural environment. Our company is proud to continue its tradition as benefactor to those groups and organizations that share our passion for conservation of the wilderness, of wildlife and a clean environment.